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Drennan Loaded Insert Green Crystal

Drennan Loaded Insert Green Crystal

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From £2.10

1g - £2.25 - In Stock
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2g - £2.35 - In Stock
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These floats are similar to Insert Crystals but also include a removable base weight that conveniently interchanges between floats if required. Being loaded allows you to use rubber float stops or much smaller locking shot to fix the float in position.

They have a 2.3mm insert for optimum bite detection, which is also swappable between floats. These also feature our latest ultra-bright Glow Tip paint finish for enhanced visibility in all light conditions.

A green-tinted transparent Crystal® body ensures the float is much more discreet in clear water.

These floats are designed to be attached via the base eye or with a Float Attachment. They can be used for all manner of species and cast like a dream.

Available in five sizes from 1g to 3g.


Loaded waggler
4.75mm body
2.3mm insert
Tinted Crystal® body
Highly buoyant
Ultra tough construction
Extra bright Glow Tips
Red, orange or yellow tips
Interchangeable tips
Interchangeable base weights
Engineered and built in Drennan’s own factories
1g, 1.5g, 2g, 2.5g and 3g sizes

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