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Drennan F1 Dumbells

Drennan F1 Dumbells

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Tutti Frutti - £3.25 - In Stock
Pineapple Punch - £3.25 - In Stock
Crab & Krill - £3.25 - In Stock
Scopex Syrup - £3.25 - In Stock
Inky Squid - £3.25 - In Stock


Drennan Bandit Dumbells have been cre­ated with the same win­ning colour and fla­vour com­bin­a­tions as our latest Method Boilies: white Scopex Syrup, pink Crab Krill, yellow Pineapple Punch and orange Tutti Frutti.


Again, you get a useful mix­ture of both 8mm and 10mm hook baits to try in each tub. All four vari­eties are also avail­able in a smaller 6mm size, called Bandit F1 Dumbells. These are per­fect for smaller carp, F1s, tench and bream.

All three sizes of Bandit Dumbell can be effect­ively fished on the pole, wag­gler or feeder. They are frac­tion­ally harder than Method Boilies to with­stand the banding process.

The best way to present them is with a hairrigged latex band, such as those you get with our various Bandits hooks to nylon. The slightly thinner waist of these dumbells helps them to hold inside the band really securely. In fact, it is often pos­sible to catch more than one fish on the same hook bait.

The Range:

Scopex Syrup (white)
Crab Krill (pink)
Pineapple Punch (yellow)
Tutti Frutti (orange)

Dumbellshaped boilies
Bandit Dumbells are a mix­ture of 8mm 10mm size hook baits
Bandit F1 Dumbells are 6mm size hook baits
Durable enough for hairrigging with a latex band
Easy to drill
Easy to pin/spike with a boilie bayonet
Four highly vis­ible colours
Four proven fla­vour combinations

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