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Deeper Pro Plus Gift Bundle

Deeper Pro Plus Gift Bundle

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Deeper - Pro Plus Gift Bundle - In Stock



A fantastic tool for any angler! The hugely popular Deeper Pro Plus has just been bundled with some great extras worth $50

Now get :

A Deeper Pro+

Spinner Pack includes: Kurv Hooks (Size 4), Krank Hooks (Size 4), Medium Kickers, Spinner Swivels, Micro Rig Swivel, Floss Caps,Hook Beads and 25lb Boom

A favourite presentation for Danny Fairbrass, this “rig of the moment” has been used to great effect and even has even had an entire Masterclass 5 chapter dedicated to it.

#127463; LIMITED UK ONLY OFFER | FREE Spinner Pack with every Deeper Pro+
Korda have teamed up with to bring you this seriously good and very limited DEEPER Pro+ offer! Purchase a Deeper Pro+ and get an exclusive FREE Spinner Rig pack worth over £30! All the components you need to create the awesome Spinner / Ronnie rig.

Level up your angling with the highest spec castable fish finder ever. It offers more power, more features, and the best casting range and scanning depth, plus it is the world’s only castable with inbuilt GPS.
The Deeper PRO+ gives you incredible scanning and mapping from shore, boat, kayak and on the ice, all so you can know like a pro and catch like a pro.

GPS onshore mapping
Just cast out, reel in and create detailed maps live on your smartphone screen. The Deeper PRO+ is the only fish finder on the market capable of creating bathymetric maps from the shore.

No spot is out of reach
The PRO+ has a casting range of 100m, which is further than any other castable fish finder. Use the wide scanning beam (90kHz 55°) to cover broad areas, then switch to narrow beam (290kHz 15°) for detailed scanning.

Powerful and accurate scanning
The PRO+’s powerful dual-beam transducer sends 15 scans per second and has target separation of just 0.5” giving accurate readings you can trust. Its Wi-Fi connection is up to 10X faster than Bluetooth, so you get real-time data and smooth trolling.


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