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Daiwa J Braid Grand 8 Line - Grey 135m

Daiwa J Braid Grand 8 Line - Grey 135m

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Made from pure Japanese 8 Braid, Daiwa J-Braid Grand X8 is an ultrafine braised mainline, with exceptionally low stretch, and high knot strength, making it a good choice for a range of angling scenarios.
Available in a range of colours, diameters, and breaking strains, this line gives you the flexibility to choose the line design that suits your angling, and provides a balanced presentation against the rest of your tackle set up.
Fully designed and crafted in Japan, you can rest assured that J-Braid Grand X8 is Daiwa fishing line at its best, with the power, performance, and technological enhancements that have ensured the success of Daiwa lines across all disciplines for so many years.
The limited stretch of this line means it can be respooled without retaining memory, ensuring a smooth, accurate cast from any reel, while the exceptional knot strength comes into its own when youíre fishing over snags, or hauling a slab of a fish that is adamant it doesnít want to go in the net.

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