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Browning Sphere Silverlite Plus 16m Pole Package

Browning Sphere Silverlite Plus 16m Pole Package

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The Silverlite Plus is the new addition to the Browning pole range and is designed with traditional silverfish sport in mind. The Silverlite Plus is the new addition to the Browning pole range and is designed with traditional silverfish sport very much in mind. Back to the roots was our motto here. Whether youre fishing on a river, lake or canal, the Silverlite Plus comes into its own on all waters when roach and bream, etc. are the target species. The pole is light and well balanced in the hand, allowing fatigue-free fishing even when the bites are coming thick and fast. We also focused on a high degree of stiffness during development to guarantee precise bait presentation. Although the Silverlite Plus is designed specifically for silverfish, you donít have to fear catching larger specimens.

During testing, stockies, crucians and tench were all landed without a problem. The recommended maximum elastic rating is 12, which is equivalent to a diameter of 2.5mm with hollow elastics. A special feature is the brand new SBP technology (Support Bar Protection). This involves reinforced sections on the butt sections that protect the pole when resting it on the support bar. The Silverlite Plus also features our unique Tactile Precision Points Ė slightly thicker areas on the butt sections that you can feel when putting the pole together.

This allows you to feed and fish with accuracy without having to look down to see line markings. The round Adjusta Pole Protectors included are made to excess length, allowing the angler to cut them to the required length e.g., make the poleexactly 13m. The Silverlite Plus already has a wide range of accessories. However, it can still be used with kits and protectors from other series since it is fully compatible with all Sphere poles. It can also be used with the top three sections from all Xitan poles.

The kit offering for the Silverlite Plus comprises 3 different types of kit. Firstly, there is a short, two-piece kit with a length of 2.75m. This has an asymmetrical length distribution. The 1.75m A/1 section is sufficiently long to allow the elastic to be fitted in the top section only. Also available are two different types of 5.7m kits. These are the Deepwater Kit and the Standard Kit. The Deepwater Kit is always the right choice when power and perseverance take precedence over precision and speed, e.g., whenfishing with heavy lollipop float rigs. With its attractive price point, it is sure to appeal to owners of Browning Sphere poles.

The Silverlite Plus can also be fitted with the Standard Kit, whose low weight and high stiffness make it particularly suitable for rapid and precise angling. The Silverlite Plus pole is supplied with the Standard Kit as standard. All kits are fitted with a 3.9mm Teflon bush and feature reinforcement of both the A and B sections, allowing the installation of a pulla bush. Light hollow elastics can also be installed without a problem.

Package Includes

5 x 2.75m Silverlite Plus Multi Top 2 Kits
Sphere Silverlite Uni C Section
2.75m Sphere Silverlite Cupping Kit
Xitan Holdall
2 x 1m Sphere Silverlite 1m Extenders

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