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Baitbox Sea Bait Unwashed Falkland Squid

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Baitbox Sea Bait Unwashed Falkland Squid

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Baitbox Sea Bait - Unwashed Falkland Squid - Out of Stock


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Our Very Popular UnWashed Squid (Loligo Gahi) is sourced in the southwest Atlantic. They can grow to nearly 12 inches but generally are around 20cm or less so are roughly the same size and colour as the Californian squid. It is frozen at sea allowing all its natural juices to stay intact. We Pack them in very handy 1lb vacuum sealed bags which keeps them extremely fresh so when you are ready to use them they will release Incredible amounts of their Natural Juicy Squidy scents into the water which many fish including Bass, Rays, Huss, Conger, Cod and so many more find so incredibly irresistible.

There are a number of effective ways to use UnWashed squid. You can use it whole to a Pennel rig which is Awesomely good for the larger species (Big bass just love it). You can use it together with other baits as a cocktail which is immensely good for most species and tipping your worms off with slithers can seriously make a huge difference especially when targetting Flatties.

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