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Baitbox Sea Bait Squid

Baitbox Sea Bait Squid
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Our handy packs prove popular year after year, simply because they contain great quality frehsly forzen squid that catch fish!
Keep a few packs in the freezer for those short bass or huss sessions, or alternatively keep a pack with you when fishing worm and fish baits as these squid are great for using to tip off other baits.

There are a number of effective ways to use squid. You can use it whole to a Pennel rig which is Awesomely good for the larger species (Big bass just love it). You can use it together with other baits as a cocktail which is immensely good for most species and tipping your worms off with slithers can seriously make a huge difference especially when targetting Flatties


Marcus , Feb - 2014

Squid in a bag, perfect for keeping the juices in the bag and not in your tackle box, wide top to make it easy to rummage around. Perfect size for a long session, if you don't use them all freeze them down afterwards, jobs a goodun :) mines a codling

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