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Baitbox Sea Bait Razor

Baitbox Sea Bait Razor
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Razorfish (Ensis siliqua) are a vastly underrated bait and can be used for many of our coastal species especially Cod. They are collected from beaches at low tide. We then Vacuum Pack them in convenient packs and Blast Freeze them to hold in their Natural Attractants.

Razorfish are a vastly underated bait and can be used as a bulk bait or as an awesome tip bait. It is best fished on a Pennel rig and secured with bait elastic. Open the Razorfish using a pair of scissors or a knife length ways down the join, scoop out the razor making sure you remove all of the body. My favourite way is to tip off Black Lug with Razor, which can really make all the difference.

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