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Baitbox Sea Bait Mussel

Baitbox Sea Bait Mussel
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This is a general purpose sea bait, but can also be used to catch large carp.

Mussels (Mytilidae) are aperhaps the best known of all shellfish. Mussels make a great bait for a variety of our salt water species. We have them delivered live, and then deshell them so you do not have to as it can be quite a fiddly job. We then blast freeze them so they are conveinently ready for use.
Mussels are very effective for a wide range of coastal species, espcially flatfish, codling and eels.


Marcus , Feb - 2014

Mussels, handy size bag, good size, mixed with a squid and frozen black cocktail got myself a nice 2.5 lb codling…tastey :)

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