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Baitbox Sea Bait Mackerel

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Baitbox Sea Bait Mackerel

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Medium (2-3) - £3.15 - In Stock
Fillet (6) - £3.25 - In Stock


Ideal for catching Cod, but also a great bait to use on the end of your pike line.

Mackerel which are a member of the (Scombridae) family which includes Tuna and Bonito, are another mainstay of the Sea Bait market and we only buy line caught fish that we pack and blast freeze within hours of capture. You can get Trawled mackerel which can be bought for less than half the price but if you really want the best quality mackerel then line caught fish is the only option as this simply adds to your chances of catching the fish you desire. These wonderful fish are are iridescent bluegreen above with tigerish stripes with a silvery white underbelly. It is used to Catch a wide variety of Fish from around our coast from Flatties and Whiting to Conger and Tope.

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