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Baitbox Sea Bait Black Lug (10)

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Baitbox Sea Bait Black Lug (10)
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Our black Lug (Arenicola defodiens) are sourced from Wales and are paper wrapped or vacuum packed in tens, Frozen then sent straight to your local tackle shop. Black Lug are a different species than the Blow Lug and it wasn until a marine biologist decided to investigate the difference that they discovered what us anglers had been saying for years was true; black lug was indeed a separate species and in 1993 they were recognised it as such. It can be used for many many species of fish including Cod, Bass, Flatties, Whiting and many more.

You can use black lug on its own or with other baits like UnWashed Squid, Fish baits, Mussels Clam Frills etc. You can use the whole Worm and the best way to do this is by whipping it onto you hooks so it doesn bunch up, or you can mix it with UnWashed Squid and whip them together making a real Stonking Bass and Cod Bait! Dabs can not resist them and of course you can tip off with other baits to pick out the larger quarry.

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