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Baitbox Pike Bait Smelt

Baitbox Pike Bait Smelt
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A musthave bait in every pike anglers cool box. Medium smelt are ideal for pike and zander.

These small estuarine fish have accounted for a huge number of pike and zander over the years and have several things in their favour:

Tough skin means they can be cast long distances and even used for wobbling and sinkanddraw style fishing

Unique cucumberlike smell, that predators find irresistible

Pale colour stands out well and can be seen from distance, also perfect for dyeing with our Bait Dyes.

Easy to popup using Pike Pro Bait Poppers

Available in four popular sizes and natural and coloured.

Smelt are one of the most versatile of all pike baits. When ledgering or poppinup fish with upper treble in the tail of the bait and the lower treble in the top of the body. When fishing sink and draw, or in rivers, fish headup the trace, with the top hook through both jaws and the lower hook in the flank. When fishing on a float paternoster or drifter, fish with the top treble just on front of the dorsal fin and the lower treble under the chin.

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