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Baitbox Pike Bait Pollan

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Baitbox Pike Bait Pollan

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Baitbox Pike Bait - Pollan - In Stock



Pollan are found in deep glacial lakes all over Europe. including the Lake District, Scotland and North Wales. They have many different names in different parts of the World, but all are related species.
Pollan have a few features that make them ideal as deadbaits:
Naturally buoyant pollan have a massive swimbladder, which makes them naturally very buoyant, so they popup without the need for injecting air or adding poppers.
Streamlined shape pollan cast extremely well, thanks to their stremlined shape and dense body.
Reflective scales The scales of pollan are very reflective, and they are very visible in water.
Tough skin pollan are very tough and take repeated casting well.
Pollan are also the perfect size to use whole for pike fishing, or as half baits for zander.

Pollan can be used as you would other coarse fish. Because of their size we recomend using a size 4 Pike Pro twintreble trace. Because they are naturally buoyant pollan are best fished poppedup on a ledger rig. Alternatively, use a needle to puncture the swimbladder and squeeze out some of the air to make a slow sinking bait.

Due to this bait being caught rather than produced, size and quantity may vary between batches. Some may contain 3 smaller Pollan or 2 larger Pollan.

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