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Bait Tech Poloni Range

Bait Tech Poloni Range
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After 2 years of Development, design, discussion and testing, the POLONI Boilie from Bait-Tech is set for huge things! The natural flavour and balanced nutritional make-up means that carp will accept the Poloni boilie as a year round food source. A complex and complete nutritionally balanced food that is Natural, Original and Unique.

High in protein, highly digestible and proven as an all year round success this bait is packed with natural spice ingredients that have a distinct aroma, flavour and taste. Essential and complex amino acid profile with feed triggers and stimulants this bait has accounted for some staggering catches already. It’s built in flavour compound has a release leakage that spans days rather than hours and intense response triggers permeate for prolonged activity periods.

This is ultimate carp food!

Bait-Tech’s unique 8 secret herbs and spice blend means we have a bait our Carp Anglers have 100% confidence in no matter what time of year. This is a fish catcher like no other!

High protein, rich food source
Stuffed with natural attractors
Strong aroma

These Poloni wafters have been designed to counterbalance the weight of your rig enabling the bait to float slowly to the bottom, settling over soft silt of low lying weed, acting naturally like the freebies fed.

Poloni Dumbell Hardened hook baits offer an alternatively shaped hook bait. These have been made from a hardened mix which allows them to be left in water for longer periods of time. Still containing those unique blend of the 8 herbs and spices which continue to leak off attraction.

These Washed-Out Poloni Pop-ups oooooze attraction for hours and hours and stay buoyant for more than 72 hours. Colours are white, pink and yellow.

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