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Bait Tech F1 Groundbait Mix 2kg

Bait Tech F1 Groundbait Mix 2kg

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Bait Tech - F1 Groundbait Mix 2kg - In Stock



This is designed and perfected to suit modern commercial fishing.

BaitTech’s F1 Groundbait Mix is packed with ground Xpand expander pellets and pure fishmeals with an added sweet edge makes this THE ultimate commercial fishery mix.

Attractive to all species particularly F1s, Carp and Bream this is a complete mix that offers attraction and feed triggers in abundance. With a fast breakdown, this mix is a winner!

Available in 2kg bags.

High protein, rich food source
Stuffed with crushed expanders
Stong fishmeal aroma
For F1’s, Carp and Bream
Fast Breakdown
Designed for Commericals

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