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Avid Reaction Curve Hook CRV

Avid Reaction Curve Hook CRV
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The Reaction range of hooks have been designed with strength and reliability in mind. If you are serious about carp fishing, these are the hooks for you.
Available in four different patterns and a whole host of different sizes, theres bound to be a hook that suits your style of fishing. All of the hooks are sticky sharp and finished in a unique green colour that makes them almost invisble on the lake bed.

CRV Curve Hook

Sticky sharp

Extremely strong

Finished in a nonglare green colour

Available in barbed and barbless

Sizes available include 4,6,8 and 10
Boasting an aggresive curve and an inturned eye, this hook is ideal for a whole host of different presentations. Due to the superaggresive curve, the hook will flip and turn in a carps mouth quickly. This pattern can be used with a whole host of bottom bait and popup presentations, including the KD rig, 360 rig and the Withy Pool rig.

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