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Avid Bottle Marker Kit

Avid Bottle Marker Kit
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Designed specifically for boat work, these Bottle Markers allow anglers to keep their main line off the lake bottom between their rod tip and lead, ensuring that it sits above any snags or obstructions on the lake bed.

Before attaching your rig or leader, you need to attach two of the supplied Rubber Beads to your main line. As you drop your rig from the boat, one Bead should be set a few feet above your rig and the other should be positioned a couple of feet over depth, to give the float a little bit of movement. Once youíve dropped your rig into position, attach the Bottle Marker to your main line, between the two beads, using the clip on the elasticated section of the Marker.

With the Bottle Marker now on the surface of the lake, you can head back to the bank, safe in the knowledge your main line is going to be above any snags and out of harms way. When it comes to landing a fish, the beads will simply slide down your mainline, allowing you to land the carp without any problems.

Ultra-buoyant construction
Finished in high visual colours
Reflective section for night use
Supplied with beads and stops
Super strong line clip

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