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Costa Sunglasses

See whats out there... Beyond Polarized Costa 580 lenses were designed by in-house light spectrum experts to enhance colors because standard sunglass lenses fell short. The lens’ multipatented technology manages light by:
Absorbing Harmful High-Energy Blue Light (HEV), Cuts haze and blur for greater clarity.In addition to 100% protection from UV light, 580 technology also absorbs HEV light known to cause macular degeneration, pterygium, cataracts and other eye diseases.
Enhancing Reds, Greens, and Blues,Blocking harsh yellow light at 580 nm on the visible light spectrum boosts the amounts of red, greens and blues naturally, enhancing colors and contrast.
Filtering Out Harsh Yellow, For enhanced color, sharper contrast and higher definition

Reduces most amount of light
Best suited for brightest conditions
Great for Sea fishing

Good in brighter conditions
Keeps all colours at the same level
a great one colour does all

Good in changeable weather conditions
Improves contrast
Ideal if wanted for driving too

Ideal for low to medium bright days
Great at blocking blue light
Not Recommend for driving

Great for fishing at dawn and Dusk
Great in fog and haze
Not Recommend for driving

Gives good depth perception
Enhances contrast
Good for looking at computer screens too

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